6 pairs of Bluetooth insoles connected to a web application

Each Podosmart insole has an inertial platform that records the walking steps, running strides and orientations of a foot in space. This data is processed by our artificial intelligence algorithms to calculate the spatio temporal, kinematic, and biomarker parameters that will be displayed in our interface.


Bluetooth insoles connected to a web application

Light and thin!   

The state-of-the-art PodoSmart smart insole weighs a mere 66 grams* and comes in 6 sizes from 36 to 47 to fit all your patients. They are rechargeable via USB for continuous 33 hours with active use.

*(unit in size 36-37) 

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PodoSmart smart insoles
Healthcare movement analysis case

Transport kit

The PodoSmart case allows you to analyze your patients walking or running wherever you are. Carry it everywhere with you, it weighs only 3.02 kg and measures 44 x 38 x 17.5 cm. It includes 6 pairs of insoles with 4 cables with dual micro USB connectors, a Bluetooth connection box.

PodoStation: Bluetooth connection box  

The Bluetooth connection box will retrieve the data collected by the smart insoles and process it into clinically usable data. 

Bluetooth connection box

How does it works ?

Connected insoles in the patient’s shoes

The practitioner puts the PodoSmart connected insoles in the patient’s shoes.


Patient walk or run

The patient starts walking or running whether inside the clinic, on a treadmill or outside.

Analyze activity health web application

Once finished, the practitioner can analyze the activity through an easy to use web application.

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