Discover all our satisfied customers testimonials to learn more about how you can use the PodoSmart solution.

Podiatrist Gill Newhouse

“We increased our fee for biomechanical assessment from £90 to £150. We have also seen an 83% increase in the number of biomechanical assessments booked”

Gill Newhouse

Podiatrist – UK

Podiatrist Yann Le

“With PodoSmart, my analyses are much more accurate because patients walk naturally in my office – which is not always the case with conventional treadmills – and I get the results immediately on my iphone, ipad or computer!”

Gia Phong Yann Le

Podiatrist – France

Podiatrist Cyril Marchou

“Affordable, very easy to use, adapted to most of our patients, it allows an analysis beyond the walls of our practices.”

Cyril Marchou

Podiatrist – France

Sport Podiatrist Fabrice Millet

“Podosmart allows me to have a dynamic quality study. The software is very intuitive and easy to use. With PodoSmart, I can better explain the treatment plan I propose to my patients.”

Fabrice Millet

Podiatrist – France