An easy-to-use web application

We have developed a dedicated, easy to use and intuitive web application that allows practitioners to analyze the results of their patients' walking and running activities performed with PodoSmart intelligent insoles. 

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Web application movement analysis solution

Analyze your patients' activities wherever you are

Analyze data related to your patients' running or walking in natural conditions, whether in your clinic on a treadmill or outdoors on their training ground, with their specific shoes.

Gait and running analysis in real-life condition
Online gait and running analysis

View analysis results online 

The PodoSmart web application is available directly online and on all media: computer, tablet or smartphone. PodoSmart is a completely mobile solution, meeting the needs of practitioners. 

Sharing results during the consultation  

Engage your patient during the consultation by presenting the activity results in a simple way directly on the software. Comment on the results and export a PDF analysis that you can share with the patient or with other healthcare professionals.

Gait and running analysis report .pdf

How it works ?

Connected insoles in the patient’s shoes

The practitioner puts the PodoSmart connected insoles in the patient’s shoes.

Patient walk or run

The patient starts walking or running whether inside the clinic, on a treadmill or outside.

Analyze activity health web application

Once finished, the practitioner can analyze the activity through an easy to use web application.

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