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Analyse your patients’ gait and running with PodoSmart,
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combined with intelligent insoles.

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In-depth analysis in your clinic, on treadmill or outdoors

Assessment of the patient’s condition through running and walking data collected in real-life conditions, whether inside your clinic, on a treadmill or outside with their daily shoes on.

Data measurement :

  • Metrics: variability, asymmetry, gaitline, propulsion rate
  • Kinematics: pronation/supination angle, foot progression angle, steppage, clearance
  • Spatio temporal: speed, cadence, stride length and velocity, stance phase time, swing time, propulsion speed, double support, contact time

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Adapted treatment with optimized follow-up over time

Compare the parameters over time during a patients’ activity with colorful graphic illustrations that bring more visibility to the highlighting of alterations in walking or running. The intuitive interface integrates an interpretation system to accompany the pratician’s diagnosis.

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Sharing results during the consultation

Facilitate communication with the patient by making it easier for them to understand and approve the treatment. The analysis export in .pdf format also enriches the exchanges between the professionals involved in its follow-up.

Trusted by

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“We increased our fee for biomechanical assessment from £90 to £150. We have also seen an 83% increase in the number of biomechanical assessments booked”

Gill Newhouse

Podiatrist – UK

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“With PodoSmart, my analyses are much more accurate because patients walk naturally in my office – which is not always the case with conventional treadmills – and I get the results immediately on my iphone, ipad or computer!”

Gia Phong Yann Le

Podiatrist – France

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“Affordable, very easy to use, adapted to most of our patients, it allows an analysis beyond the walls of our practices.”

Cyril Marchou

Podiatrist – France

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“Podosmart allows me to have a dynamic quality study. The software is very intuitive and easy to use. With PodoSmart, I can better explain the treatment plan I propose to my patients.”

Fabrice Millet

Podiatrist – France

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