Track and Analyse Movements

Analyse the patients’ gait and running
with PodoSmart, an easy to use software
combined with intelligent insoles.

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Running analysis

Objective data of movement analysis

Improve the patient’s assessment by measuring objective biomechanical data that cannot be observed by the naked eye. The results are translated into clinical data in order to propose the most appropriate treatment.

Analysis in real life conditions
Compare and follow-up

Follow-up of the evolution and rehabilitation programs

Compare the parameters over time during a patients’ activity. The solution provides immediate biofeedback and allows to follow the recommended exercises.

Measurement of spatio-temporal data:

  • Metrics: variability, asymmetry, gaitline, propulsion rate
  • Kinematics: pronation/supination angle, foot progression angle, steppage, clearance
  • Spatio temporal: speed, cadence, stride length and velocity, stance phase time, swing time, propulsion speed, double support, contact time

No preparation time: no more adhesives, clips and elastic bands!

Easily perform a run or walk analysis with no loss of preparation time: there is no adhesive, elastic band nor clip. Just put the smart insoles in your patient’s shoes and get started!

Easy-to-use solution
Data lab quality

The precision of a laboratory in real conditions

Accurately assess a patient’s running or walking profile in your own clinic or outside within minutes without the need for an analytical laboratory or an expensive equipment. PodoSmart is simple to use, mobile portable and cost-effective.

Analysis in your clinic, on treadmill or outdoors

Analyse patients’ running and walking data in real-life conditions, whether inside your clinic, on a treadmill or outside with their daily shoes on.

Dynamic movement analysis
Share and export results

Sharing results during the consultation

Engage your patient during the consultation by presenting the activity results in a simple way directly on the software. Comment on the results and export a PDF analysis that you can share with the patient or with other healthcare professionals.

Display results on a tablet, computer or mobile

Facilitate your activity by using a solution adapted to your work environment. Simply perform a gait or run analysis, wherever you are and view the results on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Display results on all media

Success story


“Affordable, very easy to use, adapted to most of our patients, it allows an analysis beyond the walls of our practices.”


Cyril Marchou
Podiatrist – France


“We increased our fee for biomechanical assessment from £90 to £150. We have also seen an 83% increase in the number of biomechanical assessments booked”


Gill Newhouse
Podiatrist – UK

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“Podosmart allows me to have a dynamic quality study. The software is very intuitive and easy to use. With PodoSmart, I can better explain the treatment plan I propose to my patients.”


Fabrice Millet
Podiatrist – France


“With PodoSmart, my analyses are much more accurate because patients walk naturally in my office – which is not always the case with conventional treadmills – and I get the results immediately on my iphone, ipad or computer!”


Gia Phong Yann Le
Podiatrist – France

Read the testimonial

How it works ?

Patient walk run

The practitioner puts the insoles in his shoes and starts walking or running.

Bluetooth connection box

The data from the insoles comes into our PodoStation via Bluetooth.


The complex algorithms are translated into clinically useful data to measure change and effectiveness of treatment.

Activity analysis

Deliver diagnostic and exercises based on the patient’s biomechanical patterns and your observation.

PODOSmart®, a kit of 6 pairs of smart insoles!

Podosmart, gait analysis smart insoles

Technical description

  • Packaging: Case composed of 6 pairs of PodoSmart insoles – 3.02kg/44x38x17.5cm
  • USB cables: 4 cables with double micro-USB connectors
  • Insoles available sizes: 36/37 – 38/39 – 40/41 – 42/43 – 44/45 – 46/47
  • Wifi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth: BLE 4.0
  • Compatibility: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, iOS, Android
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6 V
  • Charging voltage: 70 mA
  • Life cycle: +/- 500 loads
  • Full charging time: 2h30
  • Full autonomy: 33h / Full sleep autonomy: 2000h
  • Connectivity: USB