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The first digital Gaitline in the world!

Gait analysis

Our R&D, Deep learning and Biomechanical teams have developed a technology using artificial intelligence algorithms that allows an analysis of the trajectory of the support centre, based on the variation data of the prono-supination angle of the ankle, at each of the foot contact phases. A unique feature that allows a fast analysis of the Digital Gaitline in less than 30 seconds and saves time for the practitioner.

Intuitive interface between professional and patient:

Gait analysis

We have developed an intuitive web interface designed to facilitate the activity of the healthcare professional. Patient management has been put at the heart of the thinking process and allows you to share the results of walking activities in a simple way, but also to add comments on your results directly on the interface. PODOSmart is thus the perfect interface between the patient and the practitioner.

Global vision of the gait analysis

Gait analysis

PODOSmart allows time saving and easy navigation on the web interface through a global vision of the analysis of the patient’s activity results.

Simple presentation of data to the patient

Gait analysis

PODOSmart offers you the opportunity to focus on the essential information to be presented to the patient by reducing the elements that can hinder the proper understanding of the results.


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